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ISBN-13: 9781936488506
Publisher: WND Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 4/17/2012

Eco-Tyranny book by Brian Sussman

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Eco-Tyranny is the book Barack Obama, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Greenpeace, and EarthFirst do not want you to read.

Eco-Tyranny exposes the red roots of the green movement and conclusively illustrates how its deceptive branches have now extended into every of aspect of American life.

Want to know why the price of gasoline, electricity, and lumber is so expensive?  It’s in Eco-Tyranny.

Did you know the United States is headed for a critical water shortage? Are you aware that the Obama administration is working in concert with eco-radicals to take over broad swaths of American ranchland and farmland and return it back to nature.

Eco-Tyranny is the most damning expose’ every written about the environmental movement—a movement that is not about clean air, clean water, and healthy forests—it’s about hammering capitalism, destroying free enterprise, and stealing our liberty. 

Do the environmentalists hate oil, or Big Oil?

What do the greens really dislike about nuclear power?

Why do ecologists want to tear down every dam in America?

Are National Parks and National Forests as really American as apple pie?

The answers are all in Eco-Tyranny.

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