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More Green Lies: Al’s Arctic Sea Ice

A posting at Real Climate Science reveals that the Arctic sea ice today is about the same thickness as it was 75 years ago. That’s despite all of the predictions to the contrary by Al Gore and his crew of hypocrites, liars, and scientific fraudsters. The posting from Steven Goddard (who blogs under the pseudonym Tony Heller), featured the image of a 1940 Townsville Daily Bulletin report that states, “ice measurements were on an average only 6 ½ feet.” Goddard then shows a New York Times image stating the ice was “only about seven feet thick” in 1958. Next, he posts an image from the Danish...
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The National Climate Assessment: right from Al Gore’s playbook

Today the Obama Administration released it’s gloom and doom National Climate Assessment.  According to the 800-page report the carbon pollution created by Americans is literally destroying the earth as we know it. The report’s conclusion is in keeping with a federal document prepared by Vice President Al Gore in 1993 entitled, A New Consensus for Prosperity, Opportunity and a Healthy Environment for the Future. I disclose the details of this document in Eco-Tyranny. On page 62 of Eco-Tyranny I quote from the New Consensus:   We Believe, Economic growth, environmental protection, and social...
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