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Green Energy Not For The Birds

As I’ve been saying for years, wind turbines and solar arrays are inefficient sources of energy which require natural gas  backup systems.  When the wind is too light or too strong the turbines are worthless, and when it’s nighttime or cloudy the solar panels are inoperable as well.  But there’s something else wrong with these over-hyped alternative energy sources–they kill birds.  As I’ve told you in my books, Climategate and Eco-Tyranny, some of the giant solar installations in the California deserts are frying low flying birds and the wind turbines are chopping them to death.

Now a government study says wind turbines could be forcing native bird populations into decline in the Great Plains.

The U.S. Geological Survey on Monday said wind farms “placed in prime wildlife habitat in North and South Dakota can influence the distribution of several species of grassland birds for years after construction, including species whose populations are in serious decline.”

The study, funded by the Geological Survey and utility firm NextEra Energy, was published in the journal Conservation Biology.  

The agency found that seven of nine bird species studied from 2003-12 were displaced from areas in North and South Dakota after a wind facility was built.  Some of the species fled the area in the first year after construction, while many continued to leave their breeding habitat for up to five years after construction, according to the Geological Survey.

Read more at the Washington Examiner


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