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Eco-Insanity: Earth Hour

For the past nine years a group of eco-idiots has talked millions of fools into turning off all their lights—at night—to celebrate the Earth Hour.  According to the event’s sponsor, the World Wildlife Fund, the goal is, “Uniting people to protect the planet” from human caused climate change.

The World Wildlife Fund is an organization that deceptively uses phony ecological scares and junk science to assail property rights and capitalism. This year’s Earth Hour is at 8:30 local time, Saturday night.  According to the event’s coordinators millions of people from over 7,000 cities worldwide acknowledged the happening by switching their “lights off for an hour as a massive show of concern for the environment.”

I’d like to see the police blotters in those cities on Sunday.  Criminals are a lot like cockroaches—they prefer coming out when it’s dark. If any bad guys were paying attention the Earth Hour may have provided them with a golden opportunity.

The hypocrisy of this event is laughable.  China is one of the host countries. Half of the people in that nation don’t even have a light to turn off at night. Nonetheless the former Olympic Stadium will turn off its lights for 60 minutes—like that will make up for the horrendous Beijing pollution.  It’s so bad the Chinese are said to be chipping teeth when they breathe in because of the large chunks of particulate matter.

Earlier this week I asked my radio audience call in to tell me how they were going to celebrate Earth Hour.  Even though I broadcast from San Francisco my listeners include the lion’s share of people with a brain in their head in this area, so the answers were pretty darn good.

“Brian,” Jimmy called in to say, “I’m turning every dang light and all three of my big screen TVs on, plus I’m going to blast a space heater in every room and when it gets too damn hot my air-conditioner will kick in to try cool the place down.”

Frank got on the air to say, “I’m breaking out the Christmas lights like it’s December.  They’ll all be on at 8:30, plus I’m firing up my F-250 and my Ford Mustang, with the headlights on, to just let ‘em idle in the driveway.”

If you want a real treat listen to the interview I conducted with the official Earth Hour representative.  The poor little eco-socialist didn’t know what hit her.  You can listen to it here

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