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Eco-idiots hold protest in freezing cold

Environmental activists gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Sunday for a climate change rally. The dopes putting this protest together should have checked the calendar. Mid-February usually brings some nasty winter weather to the nation’s capital. In fact, today’s weather in D.C. was the coldest this season, with wind chill temperatures diving into the teens.

Hey, greenies: if you want better optics do a climate change rally from Al Jazeera’s headquarters in Qatar. I heard these oil tycoons just bought a U.S. TV outlet from the Grand Poobah of global warming, Al Gore.

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  1. Kaye High says:

    Brian. We need to get John Stossel to read your books. He’s not up on all the great information your 2 books provide. Same goes for Derek Jeter! They’re making fools of themselves and don’t even know it. Loved your books and highly recommend them to everyone…….also read Red Hot Lies and The Greatest Hoax.

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