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Climate Change Deniers are like Holocaust Deniers

A professor teaching environmental studies at Brooklyn College of CUNY has associated deniers of anthropogenic climate change with Holocaust deniers.  Even more disturbing, the professor is himself a Holocaust survivor.

Micha Tomkiewicz published a series of blogs on the official campus website, likening climate change to genocide.  “I don’t want my grandchildren to die in a climate change genocide that we could have helped head off because we were waiting for some unattainable certainty about climate change,” he writes.

You can read the rest of Brian’s article by clicking here.

2 Responses to “ “Climate Change Deniers are like Holocaust Deniers”

  1. Alan says:

    I believe that in 100 years,people will look back at the fanantics of the AGW crowd the way we look back at cultures that threw virgins into volcanos to appease the gods.

  2. The truth matters says:

    He’s right.

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