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For the first time in my life I fear my government

In Eco-Tyranny I share the real story behind our federal lands, explaining that our Founders never intended on the federal government owning or managing any land except that which is necessary for maintaining a limited government.   Obviously those days are long gone.  For example in Nevada alone the feds control 80 percent of the the Silver State’s real estate. Now Obama is going after ranchers in Nevada by rounding up their cattle, despite the fact that the ranchers have been running cattle on the land in question for over 100 years.  Why is this happening?  In large measure it’s over...
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EPA fining farmer $75K per day

All Andy Johnson wanted to do was construct a pond on his beautiful eight-acre Wyoming farm. He and his wife Katie spent considerable time and money to create it, ultimately stocking it with trout.  Soon it became a haven for ducks and geese.  It was a place where his horses could drink and his children could play.  The entire project was done in accordance with local and state regulations.  Now, Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is screaming foul. The agency is going after Johnson with civil and criminal penalties, including a $75,000-a-day fine.  “I have not paid them a dime nor...
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How to totally stop illegal immigration

When the federal government declares a region “wilderness” it means that humans are only allowed very limited access into the designated area. The idea stems from the strongly held eco-belief that humans are an invasive species and have the propensity to violate an otherwise pristine environment. Disregard the posted signs to “keep out” and you will be met by Department of Interior officials with guns and badges. If Congress declared our border with Mexico as “wilderness” environmentalists would make sure Interior officials were doing their jobs properly–if not...
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Dems pressure TV networks to push global warming

Despite the fact that there has  been no global warming since the 1990s and we are likely entering a significant, natural,  global cooling phase, the democrats in D.C.continue to push human-caused global warming and climate change. Why? To usurp liberty, grow government, and institute their new scheme, “income inequality.” The following was written by Ben Geman of the National Journal: Senate Democrats pledging to get more aggressive on climate change will soon pressure the major TV networks to give the topic far greater attention on the Sunday talking-head shows.Sens. Bernie Sanders,...
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You want climate change? Bundle up.

As I detailed in Eco-Tyranny, Climategate, and a host of articles, the earth’s climate has experienced dramatic swings in temperature throughout its history mostly due to variations in solar radiation (and the fact that our planet orbits the sun in an elliptical fashion).  The following is a paper presented by German scientists proposing that we are headed into a very long and dramatic cold spell, the likes of which has not been experienced since the 19th Century. The cause of this coming climate change? Not human activity, but rather nature itself. Click here for the...
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EPA = Eco-Tyranny

This is everything I predicted in Climategate and Eco-Tyranny. The Obama administration wants to use the Clean Water Act to rule your backyard.  We’ve already witnessed examples of this taking place here on the left coast because of California’s outlandish environmental laws. In one Half Moon Bay neighborhood lawnmowers are not allowed in backyards to protect a frog species!  Here’s the latest from Fox News: A river runs through it, and Uncle Sam isn’t far behind. That’s what several Republican lawmakers and even state farming groups and local governments are warning, after a draft rule...
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No El Nino, No Global Warming

A new study estimates that about half the atmospheric warming that has taken place since the mid-1970s can be attributed to natural changes in ocean currents that heat and cool the planet. Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama found that by including historical observations of the El Niño Pacific Ocean warming events about 50 percent of the global warming usually attributed to carbon dioxide is instead caused by the altered ocean currents. Spencer’s study, to be published in the in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Science, reveals that the amount of warming from a doubling of carbon...
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Esteemed Scientist: CO2 “an environmental benefice”

Professor Bob Carter is the former head of the School of Earth Sciences at James Cook University, Australia. During a televised interview conducted by a friend of mine, John Coleman (founder of the Weather Channel), Dr. Carter stated, “A trained scientist will tell you…there is no evidence that human carbon dioxide emissions are causing dangerous global warming.” The esteemed professor also declared, “Indeed, carbon dioxide emissions are an environmental benefice. It makes plants grow; it is plant food. It greens the planet. To call carbon dioxide a pollutant  is an abuse of...
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Where have I been and where am I going?

You are reading what likely will be my final post on the Eco-Tyranny website.  While I will continue to publish the work of others committed to battling the eco-tyrannists here, I have have been struck with a change of purpose as I will explain. But first a brief stroll down memory lane. I left a lucrative television meteorologist position with the CBS station in San Francisco (KPIX) in early 2001. I was in the middle of a secure contract, making nearly a half million dollars a year, and was the toast of San Francisco when I approached my boss asking to be released from my contract. My wife and I...
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Sorry “O,” there’s zero global warming

In his climate change speech today President Obama angrily blasted global warming skeptics saying he lacked “patience for anyone who denies that this problem is real.” Tell that to a famed German climate scientist, Hans von Storch. In an interview with  Spiegel Online, Storch said that despite predictions of a warming planet the temperature data for the past 15 years shows an increase “very close to zero.” Storch admits, “In fact, the increase over the last 15 years was just 0.06 degrees Celsius (0.11 degrees Fahrenheit) – a value very close to zero.” Spiegel asked Storch, a...
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