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Author Brian Sussman

From Journalist to Meteorologist

Brian’s first job upon graduation from the University of Missouri was as the nation’s youngest television News Director, managing the newsroom at the ABC affiliate in Columbia, Missouri.  Desiring to move closer to his home state of California, he next joined the news team at KOLO-TV in Reno, Nevada, where, on an evening when the regular weather guy fell ill, he was recruited to fill in and was deemed an overnight success.  “What they didn’t know,” said Sussman, “was that I excelled in earth sciences in college, and had always desired to work as a television meteorologist.”

Brian was soon hired as KOLO-TV’s main weatherman and knew it was going to become a career.  He immediately embarked on post-graduate meteorological studies, eventually achieving the stringent requirements necessary to pass the American Meteorological Society’s esteemed certification program.  He would eventually be asked to serve on the the AMS’s Board of Education. 

Brian Sussman

Brian Sussman, Author


Specializing in Weather and the Environment

Sussman’s next stops included KNTV-TV in San Jose, California, KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, PA, and the CBS Morning Show with Harry Smith, in New York. In 1988 he signed a long-term contract with KPIX-TV in San Francisco to be their primary meteorologist and science reporter. At KPIX Brian received numerous Emmy Awards, Associated Press Awards for “Best Weathercast” (eight times), and Radio and Television News Director’s trophies for “Best Weathercast” (also eight times). The National Education Associated also presented Brian with a distinguished service honor for an elementary science curriculum his co-authored.  So regarded was his work that the state of California proclaimed a “Brian Sussman Day,” as did the City of San Francisco.  

“Brian’s Kids”

Sussman’s lasting legacy in the San Francisco Bay Area is “Brian’s Kids”. Over the course of 12 years he utilized the airwaves of KPIX to highlight foster children in need of adoption. Over 400 children were adopted as a result of “Brian’s Kids”– (with the number of children in his own household expanding notably as a result of the program).

Radio Talk Show Host

In 2001, Sussman shocked many in the media as he left KPIX mid-contract following the adoption his youngest son. “I’d leave for work at 1 in the afternoon, and get  home well after midnight.  It was not the best schedule for being a dad,” says Sussman.  

Sussman and his wife embarked upon opening a successful business, but everything changed for him on September 11th of 2001.  The host of  radio talk show in the Bay Area (KFAX) was stranded at an airport in another state and unable to do his show.  The station manager, a friend of Brian’s, asked him if he could fill-in.  Sussman accepted the rushed invitation and hosted the program. “It wasn’t like I had nothing to talk about. My first guest was Ann Coulter. It was one heckuva show, and I was hooked on talk radio.”  

The fill-in opportunity turned into a full time show.  In 2003, Brian was hired by KSFO in San Francisco to perform a two-hour evening talk show. After witnessing his ratings soar to among the highest on the station’s lineup, in February of 2010 the management team promoted him to host the very successful KSFO morning drive-time show.


Melding his passion for science with his expertise in journalism, in 2010 Brian wrote, Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam.  Published by WND Books, the title was released nationally during a televised interview on the Sean Hannity show and immediately became a bestseller.  His current book, Eco-Tyranny, was released April 17, immediately becoming a bestseller. 


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