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Hurricane Sandy: not global warming

It will just be a matter of time before Al Gore and other climate change scaremongers declare Hurricane Sandy the direct result of mankind’s use of fossil fuels.  Please click here to read detailed proof as to why Gore and others are wrong. 
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The facts on Obama’s oil legacy

During Tuesday’s spirited presidential debate, Mr. Obama stated that U.S. oil production has risen every year he has been in office.  However, as Governor Romney and various fact-checkers note, most of those gains have come about on private lands, over which Obama has little control. However, not divulged during the debate was how the Obama administration has purposefully undermined America’s oil industry. The following is a revealing excerpt from the ninth chapter my book, Eco-Tyranny. Please feel free to copy, print, forward, or republish–you have my permission. Click here to go to my...
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Obama vs Romney on Global Warming recently asked President Obama and Governor Romney about their respective positions on global warming. Obama’s response is  predictably eco-centric and insists on government solutions.  Mitt Romney’s stance, on the other hand, is clear, detailed, and well-balanced. Though I don’t agree with Romney’s assessment that “human activities contribute warming,” I do appreciate his strong opposition to carbon tax schemes like cap and trade. Click here to see how the two men responded when asked, “What is your position on cap and trade, carbon taxes, and other...
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